Well. We are out of Bolivar! Zach graduated and we have successfully moved to Lenexa, Kansas. We are in love with our new apartment and the city that surrounds it. Zach’s work is literally across the street. I can see it now looking out the window and I saw him drive there this morning. He loves having it so close (more time to sleep, haha). Currently, I do not have a job and I’m trying to not get frustrated about it. I have filled out a lot of applications online for positions but no call backs yet.


I have been struggling with the thought that I majored in the wrong degree. I don’t regret going to college or the amazing friendships I made there. But, I think that maybe I should have majored in something else. I’m looking for jobs in the social work field, but there are not very many who accept just a Bachelor’s. Most want a Master’s in Social Work.  I actually found a couple receptionist jobs that pay more than what a social worker would get. So sad. I’m going to start looking into bank positions as well. Until then, I’m enjoying being home and making this place oh so cozy.


When I saw Zach driving to work today, I couldn’t help but be so proud of him and think that we have both officially entered into the world of adulthood. His job isn’t just an internship that will end in a couple of months, he is getting a big boy paycheck, and we are paying grownup bills (cuss you student loans). We plan on staying in this apartment for at least a year. We won’t be moving for a while and its so comforting.  I’m used to staying in one place for 3 months then moving again (we moved a total of 4 times since being married for a year. yucky).


Overall, my point is that we are starting a new chapter in our lives for sure. It is slightly nerve-wracking but more peaceful surprisingly.   I’m excited to get involved with a good church family and to start a job and stay there for a while and not have to leave it within a couple of months. I want to invest in people here and get to know them genuinely. I’m excited to see how God uses us here and who we will meet along the way.
Anyways, so that is what’s going on with us, till next time.

2 thoughts on “Grownups

    • Thank you! I’m still pretty new at this… it is really nerve wracking having my writings out there. I’ll try and keep up with it! I do enjoy it so much! I miss you guys and we love you!!!!!!


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